The end is coming soon!

Hi Folks,

Here is an upcoming schedule for our last couple of weeks – hopefully this will be helpful to all of us ūüôā

Wednesday, May 28 – Library (working on final lit. paper)
Thursday, May 29 – Act III of Romeo and Juliet
Friday, May 30 – Library (working on final lit. paper)

Monday, June 2 – Library (working on final lit. paper) – Annotated Bibliography DUE
Tuesday, June 3 – Library (working on final lit. paper)
Wednesday, June 4 – Computer lab 153 (working on final lit. paper) – Paper Outline DUE (will accept by Thursday at the latest)
Thursday, June 5 –¬†Romeo and Juliet
Friday, June 6 – Romeo and Juliet

Monday, June 9 – Romeo and Juliet
Tuesday, June 10 – Romeo and Juliet Socratic Seminar Prep Final Paper Due
Wednesday, June 11 – Romeo and Juliet Socratic Seminar Prep & Receive questions for interview
Thursday, June 12 – Romeo and Juliet Socratic Seminar (Reflection due on the next day by midnight)

Thursday, June 18 РFinal Assessment:  One-on-one interviews with Miss Kennedy


Socratic Seminar, Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hi folks, sorry to miss today’s class – hopefully you enjoyed (almost) completing the film¬†Seven Pounds. ¬†We will finish the last 15 minutes tomorrow in class and discuss some of the great questions you have asked and think about how we can make them more sophisticated and engaging! ¬†We will then prepare for the socratic seminar on Wednesday. ¬†Let me know if you have any questions – you can post a thought here or e-mail me at

Diving into your independent novels …

Hi folks, today I would like for you to get used to navigating around the class website as you will be using it as a communication tool as you read your independent novels.

First thing to do:¬† leave on a comment on this post to make sure you know how and that it works ūüôā
Second thing for you to do: go to the English 521 Reads¬†page and find your novel’s page.¬† There, I would like for you to leave your thoughts on the novel so far.¬† This should be at least 100 words (10 sentences).¬† Tell me what you know about the book so far:¬† setting, character development, plot development, themes etc.¬† What do you like about the book?¬† What do you dislike about it?
Third thing for you to do:  Independent Novel Background Knowledge Mini Research Assignment (Would like this completed in class or for homework, please)

Welcome to English 521

Hi everyone, welcome to the class website for English 521! ¬†Today we went over the English 521 Course Syllabus¬†and spent some time getting to know one another. ¬†I would like to thank everyone for sharing some of their interests with the class! ¬†On this website you will find resources, hand-outs, reminders, schedules, links and more related to our class. ¬†Today, I gave everyone their first “assignment”: ¬†writing your own character sketch. ¬†We will spend some time working on that in class tomorrow but it would be a good idea to work on it tonight as well.

To do list:
-Enlist in (see syllabus for ID and password)
-sign up for Remind 101 account

See you tomorrow afternoon,

-Miss Kennedy